Rodrigo Maia discusses the legalization of matches in Rio

Daniel Homem de Carvalho, André Feldman (BIG Brazil International Gaming and Caesars Entertainment Corporation) and Magnho José (IJL) talk to the mayor, Deputy Rodrigo Maia (Photos: Raul Moreira – Press Release)

After the expedient this Monday (27), Daniel Homem de Carvalho received in office ‘Lins, Homem de Carvalho & Pizzolante’, in the center of Rio de Janeiro, businessmen and lawyers for a speaking with the President of the Chamber, Deputy Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) and Adolfo Konder (Daniel’s brother) about the destiny of the country and Rio de Janeiro in the coming years.
During the meeting, Maia presented a scenario of the current moment that the country is going through, commented about the importance of the National Congress in finding solutions to the crisis and the challenges that the parliament will have to face in the next legislature.

The Presidente of the Chamber also expressed support for PSDB presidential candidate Geraldo Alckmin for understanding that former governor of São Paulo is the better able to find solutions to the problems of the country.

After the meeting, the President of the Chamber talked with the President of Legal Game Institute, Magnho José and with lawyer Daniel Homem de Carvalho about the legalization of games in Brazil.

More flexible, Rodrigo Maia spoke about the editorial change of the Globo Group in relation to the games and commented that he believes that the Chamber of Deputies will deliberate on the subject, mainly in the modalities that can generate investments and jobs for the society.

Meeting with tourist trade
Before the meeting, the president of the Legal Game Institute (IJL) met with representatives of the Rio de Janeiro tourist trade and with the president of the Brazilian Federation of Food and Accommodation (FBHA), Alexandre Sampaio, when he had the opportunity to present the advantages in approval of a regulatory framework for the sector and not just the legalization of integrated casino-resorts.

I comment

It was a very productive night politically for legalization process of the games.

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