Articulation can approve casinos and keep other modalities in clandesnity

Preference for casinos paralyse investments, causes cartelization of game, benefits international operators and doesn’t ensure creation of employments and tax collection expected by government

President Chamber of Deputies, Deputy Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) again promised this week to the allies put to the vote the release of casinos in November, as revealed by’s Radar Online Column. The parliamentarian from Rio de Janeiro has preference only for this modality.

An articulation led by DEM parliamentarians – even political party of president of Chamber of Deputies -, could make this strategy feasible. The president of Tourism Committee of Chamber – FRENTUR, deputy Paulo Azi (DEM-BA) works for unification of three projects that are in process and treat tourism demands.

The proposal is use the General Tourism Law with the unification of three projects PL 7425/2017, PL 7413/2017 and PL 2724/2015 and to present an amendment of Plenary legalizing only casinos.

According to sources heard by BNL, the amendment to legalize casinos would use the same concept of implementation provided for in Article 27 of the clean bill PL 442/91 approved in September last year, including device which excludes the municipalities considered as mineral-water resorts that have already operated casino, about validity of a previous law.

The Rapporteur of General Tourism Law can would be deputy Paulo Azi (DEM-BA), former member of Special Commission of Regulatory Framework of Games and current president of the FRENTUR. The parliamentarian wishe to create a Special Commission to analyze the proposal, but as a function of time and interest, there is a strong possibility that the matter will be taken directly to the Plenary on an “urgency” vote.

Who would be interested?

The question “who is interested the legalization of casinos” should be supplemented with asking “who is interested in maintaining others forms of underground gaming?”.

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