Gaming legalization: retreat to move forward


The board of Brazilian Legal Game Institute (IJL) fulfilled in the last week an agenda of gatherings, meetings and hearings with parliamentarians and government representatives in Brasília and São Paulo to evaluate the PLS 186/14 voting in the Commission on Constitution, Justice and Citizenship of Senate, which resulted in the rejection of proposal by the large majority by collegiate.

Several factors may have caused the elastic placard in the collegiate. Last minute political agreements, the leftist alliance with the evangelical party, the competence of the opposing parties to stamp on the process negative arguments such as money laundering, pathology and lack of control, as well as the environment and inadequate moment for controversial topic voting.

Partners said that the best at this time is to wait for the definition of the political scenario with the candidacies for presidency of the Republic and the ending window of partisan exchanges scheduled for April 8. Only after this period will there be clarity of the new political environment and the realignment of forces and power.

The Palácio do Planalto and representatives of the government see the legalization of the game with sympathy, but have already reaffirmed that the National Congress is protagonist in the issue of liberation. There will be no support and no preference for any of the proposals and neither nor exclusive modalities.

Furthermore a source also told BNL that Palácio do Planalto isn’t enjoying the move by deputy Paulo Azi (DEM-BA) to use the modernization of tourism legislation to try legalize casino-resorts exclusively. According to the source, this articulation is delaying the appreciation of the bills and causing discomfort by the method adopted.

At this moment, we are vigilant with the movement in the Chamber to avoid solo flight of some modality. Even with all the pressure of representatives of the Parliamentary Front for the approval of the Regulatory Framework of the Games in Brazil, the President of Chamber, Deputy Rodrigo Maia resists to put in a vote in the plenary the substitute to PL 442/91 of deputy Guilherme Mussi (PP-SP) . But representatives of “Pro-Jogo” collegiate are making it difficult for DEM to stage the lobby of billionaire Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas Sands.

The preference continues for the approval of PLS 186/14, so that the Senate has the final say in the text, but the president of Senate, Senator Eunicio de Oliveira has already informed that, for now, he doesn’t intend to put the matter in voting until the next elections.

Besides the political work, at this moment it will be important to prove that for the games only has a solution: the legalization of all modalities.

But as the French say, “reculer pour mieux sauter” or in good Portuguese, “retreat to jump better”.

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