House approves PL 5638/2020, which removes 3% the prize pool of all lotteries in 2021

English Edition I 05.03.21

Por: Magno José

Deputy Renata Abreu (Pode-SP).

The Chamber of Deputies approved on Wednesday (3) Bill 5638/20, which creates the Emergency Program for the Resumption of the Events Sector (Perse)

The approved text is a substitute by rapporteur, deputy Renata Abreu (Pode-SP). The matter will be sent to the Senate.

Authored by deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE) and other seven deputies, the project provides for the installment debts of companies in the events sector with the Federal Revenue Autorithies, and other measures to compensate for the loss of revenue because of the pandemic of Covid-19.

The proposal was approved without the government’s approval. According to Valor found, there were disagreements between the various government areas as the ministries of Tourism and the Economy, but the option Planalto in plenary was to express against the proposal, saying that hurts the Fiscal Responsibility Law. Parliamentarians said, behind the scenes, that the strategy of Executive is to hold the discussion in the Senate. The majority parties supported the project – only the New manifested against it.

Lottery money 

To fund the benefits given to the sector, the project aims, in addition to the budgetary resources and the National Treasury allocated, 3% of the money raised from the lotteries administered by the Federal Savings Bank and Lotex. This includes the federal lottery, number contests and sports lotteries.

The resources come out of the quota currently allocated to the gross premium, but the reduction is only valid in 2021.

By the approved text, Art. 9 of Law 13.756, of December 12, 2018, becomes effective plus the following art. 20-A:

“Art. 20-A In the year 2021, the amount equivalent to 3% (three percent) of participation in the proceeds collection of lotteries referred to in arts. 15, 16, 17, 18 and 20 this Law will be destined to emergency of actions for the events sector and tourism service providers resulting from the effects of combating the pandemic of COVID-19, offsetting the equivalent percentage with the reduction percentage reserved the payment of prizes and the payment of income tax levied on the awarding of the respective lottery modalities. ”


Nonexistent lottery percentage 

The curiosity of this project is that it foresees the withdrawal of 3% of the prize modality that is not yet in operation in the country, as the Exclusive Instant Lottery – LOTEX.

If the proposal is approved in the Senate and sanctioned by President Jair Bolsonaro the award of the Union lotteries will be the following:


Mode Payout – Law 13.756/18


Payout – Net Income Tax New payout – 3%
Federal Lottery  







Lottery of numerical prognostics (Mega-Sena, Quina, Lotofácil, Lotomania, Dupla Sena, Dia de Sorte e Super Sete)  









Specific prognostic lottery (Timemania)  




Lottery betting predictions (Loteca Lotogol)  







Instant Lottery
Exclusive – LOTEX









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