“Legalization of casinos only?”

English Edition I 08.03.21

Por: Magno José

BNLData’s editor analyzes the possibilities of legalizing the games through the bills that are being processed in the National Congress. Most proposals legalize all types of games

That was the question we heard the most this Thursday (4), after columnist Ancelmo Gois of Globo Online revealed that the presidents of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, and Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, said last Monday (1st) during the ‘Dialogue for Brazil’ meeting with businessmen and presidents of large companies that participated in the Fiesp meeting that “one of the priority agendas for approval is the release of casinos in Brazil”.

It’s much more comfortable for presidents of the Legislative to reveal in the virtual meeting of ‘Dialogue for Brazil’, a group formed by Fiesp with 50 businessmen and presidents of large companies, that Congress will guide the legalization of casinos. Despite all the advances in improving the image of our centenary game of the animal, casinos have more glamor.

According to columnist Joana Cunha, the presidents of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, and the Chamber, Arthur Lira, seem to have convinced the businessmen and presidents of large companies that participated in the meeting at Fiesp on Monday, that they are committed to the economic agenda. Many of the reports that came out of the meeting sounded optimistic about the pair’s dispositon continue the agenda.

From a practical point of view, it is necessary to analyze the bills that can make the legalization of all types of games feasible, such as casinos, animal games, bingo games, slots or video games and online games in progress in the National Congress.


Chamber of Deputies 

To speed up the process, PL 442/91 and its 23 attached, are ready for the plenary agenda and would be the most agile option. The proposal creates the Regulatory Framework for Gaming with the legalization of all modalities. The proposal could be used to legalize only casinos. But the path would be more complex, since the plenary would have to reject the substitute approved in August 2016 by the Special Commission of the Regulatory Framework for Gaming in Brazil. Next, President Arthur Lira would appoint a plenary rapporteur, who would present a new report legalizing only casinos.

The regimental maneuver would have resistance from the defenders of the approval Regulatory Framework. The survey conducted by the ‘Paraná Research’ institute indicated that 52.1% of federal deputies are in favor of legalizing all modalities, only 7.2% of parliamentarians prefer casinos ‘only in integrated resorts’.


Federal Senate 

In Senate, PLS 186/14 is ready to vote in plenary, but to be approved, will be necessary to reject the vote against Senator Randolfe Rodrigues approved in the CCJ and, in this case, vote the original project authored by Senator Ciro Nogueira (PP-PI) that legalizes all forms of gambling, including the installation of casinos in existing resorts.

In addition to this possibility, there are also two other projects in process Senate. The PL 2648/2019 authored by Senator Roberto Rocha (PSDB-MA), which legalizes only casinos in resorts and tha is in Commission for Regional Development and Tourism – CDR under the report of Senator Angelo Colonel (PSD-BA).

In addition to CDR, the proposal would have to be analyzed by the Committees on Economic Affairs – CAE and Constitution, Justice and Citizenship – CCJ, but with terminative deliberation (without the need to be analyzed by the plenary).

Another proposal in process Senate is the PL 4495/2020 authored by Senator Irajá (PSD-TO), which legalizes only the casinos in resorts, but thus far has not had definition of the processing regime by Executive Board of Senate.

On September 22, 2020, Senator Roberto Rocha (PSDB-MA) requested PL 2648/2019 be dealt with jointly with PL 4495/2020, authored by Senator Irajá (PSD-TO) for dealing with the same matter, but the deliberation has not yet been decided. But if Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco makes the request, the two proposals (PL 2648/2019 and PL 4495/2020) will have in the CDR the report of Senator Angelo Coronel (PSD-BA), who is favor of the legalization of all the modalities of games.

Tax Collection 

Legalize casinos alone does not solve the problem of investments, tax collection and increased jobs in the country. Nor does it guarantee a robust tax revenue to the government in the short term, because in addition to being few units to guarantee a revenue that justifies the legalization effort, the construction time of these units will be at least four years.

Due to the urgency of tax revenue, the best proposal would be to legalize all modalities of games in three stages: in the short term it would be animal game, video slots and online game, in the medium term the bingos and video-bingos and in the long term the ones of casino.

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