LEMG – Minas Gerais State Lottery approves the first online and real-time lottery terminals in Brazilian territory

English Edition I 19.08.22

Por: Magno José

LEMG - Minas Gerais State Lottery approves the first online and real-time lottery terminals in Brazilian territory
Intralot do Brasil, in partnership with AGS do Brasil, launches the AGS LOTTO IKON® terminals developed exclusively for the Brazilian lottery market
100% Manufactured in Brazilian territory, AGS do Brasil, in partnership with Intralot do Brasil, presents the Lotto Ikon® terminals to the Minas Gerais market with four lottery games in the modalities of Prognostic Lottery, Passive Prognostic Lottery and Instant Lottery.
With a “cashless” system and interconnected to a central online and real-time control system, all financial transactions will be monitored in real time by terminal, by point of sale and by region of the State.
The system, under development for more than two years, includes the registration of the individual consumer, their respective CPF # (Tax Number ID) and issues Federal Withholding Income Tax receipts levied on lottery prizes.
The AGS Shoto® terminal as well as the games were certified by BMM Testlabs, in Las Vegas, following the most rigorous “standards” on the market.
The games, developed exclusively for the Brazilian market, follow the rules and regulations of the games currently authorized by the Ministry of Economy and operated by Caixa Econômica Federal.
In the game, Loteria do Destino©, the consumer can purchase traditional lottery tickets, pre-numbered, by fraction or by the whole ticket. Each ticket and its respective extraction is numbered and recorded.
In the game, Mega Prizes and Kenodilo, the consumer will be able to purchase lottery tickets with numbers chosen by him.
The game, Don Raspaleone, features a “Virtual Scratch Card”, numbered and part of a centralized game plan.
The project is seen by AGS do Brasil as a product in development, as the company is adapting the games and its development to the country’s lottery legislation and taking the opportunity to improve them through use by consumers. The strategy will contribute to the adjustment and development of the games in the short term.
While the process of legalization of games and regulation of sports betting is not concluded, the efforts of AGS do Brasil are concentrated to State and Municipal Lotteries, regardless of the size of their population. The company believes that their Electronic Scratch Card portfolio represents a suitable product for this market, but it is necessary to test it in practice.
AGS do Brasil believes in the potential of the Brazilian lottery market, as is now established with offices in Torre Rio Sul, in Rio de Janeiro.
Check Ordinance No. 22, of August 16, 2022, which regulates the implementation of PILOT of Lottery Games for online/Real time interactive terminals, marketed by Consórcio Intralot S/A, within the State of Minas Gerais.
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