More conservative Senate may create difficulties for the legalization of gambling

English Edition I 03.10.22

Por: Magno José

More conservative Senate may create difficulties for the legalization of gambling
President Jair Bolsonaro in a campaign video with the new senator from Minas Gerais Cleitinho (PSC-MG) (wearing the América MG shirt, sponsored by PixBet and Keno Minas) and deputy Nikolas Ferreira, the most voted in Brazil

We have always commented that the Brazil of football, beach and carnival is not a liberal country, but an informal nation and a conservative country. This year’s elections confirmed this thesis. The polls elected an even more conservative Congress, with many evangelicals and Bolsonarista candidates, especially in the Senate.

President Jair Bolsonaro emerged victorious from the Senate elections this Sunday and with the prospect of correcting one of his biggest weaknesses in Congress in recent years – the absence of an allied base of senators. Of the 27 seats in the Senate, 14 were elected with Bolsonaro’s endorsement, especially boosting the PL bench, his party. Former President Lula (PT), in turn, managed to elect eight allies, just over half of his opponent.

Among the elected candidates supported by the president, four are former government ministers — Rogério Marinho (RN), Marcos Pontes (SP), Tereza Cristina (MT) and Damares Alves (DF), one, a former secretary, Jorge Seif (PL -SC) and another, the vice president, Hamilton Mourão (RS). In addition to former government members, allies Cleitinho (PSC-MG), Romário (PL-RJ), Magno Malta (PL-ES), Wilder Morais (PL-GO), Wellington Fagundes (PL-MT), Jaime Bagattoli (PL-RO), Dr. Hiran (PP-RR) and Professor Dorinha (UB-TO) will serve an eight-year term in the Senate.

On the other hand, only eight of those elected received the endorsement of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), six of them from the Northeast region: Camilo Santana (PT-CE), Renan Filho (MDB-AL), Otto Alencar (PSD) -BA), Flávio Dino (PSB-MA), Teresa Leitão (PT-PE), Wellington Dias (PT-PI), Beto Faro (PT-PA) and Omar Aziz (PSD-AM).

The negative fact for the defenders of the legalization of gambling were the elections of two declared opponents of the liberation: Damares Alves (DF) and Magno Malta (ES). Despite the election of these two staunch opponents, there are at least six favorable senators among the 14 elected in the group endorsed by President Bolsonaro. In addition to these, eight other elected parliamentarians are pro-gaming, which leads us to believe that among the 27 elected senators, 14 are sympathetic to the legalization of games. The problem is that Damares and Malta together make a lot of noise.


Second round postpones advances for the gambling and betting sector

Tramitação do projeto de proibição de pagamento das apostas esportivas vai demorar
The holding of a presidential runoff again compromises the schedule for regulating sports betting

Industry executives were hoping for the end of the elections this Sunday so that some necessary administrative measures could be brought forward to the month of October, mainly on the regulation of fixed-odds betting or sports betting. The expectation was that the government, without the political/religious ties, could publish the Provisional Measure with the administrative penalties and the regulatory decree for sports betting.

The holding of a presidential runoff again compromises the regulatory schedule for this modality. The indication is that the process will be carried out in November, together with the World Cup, which starts on November 20th.

In addition, the sector also believes in the resumption of processing of PL 442/91 in the Senate later this year. Everything indicates that it would be more appropriate to vote on the proposal later this year in the Review House, but we will certainly not have progress during the month of October with the dispute of a presidential second round so polarized and fierce between Lula and Bolsonaro.

Deputies in favor of gambling were re-elected

Relatório da legalização de jogos de azar sai esta semana
The highlight was the reelection of the president of the Parliamentary Front for the Approval of the Regulatory Framework for Gambling, Deputy Bacelar (PV-BA) and the rapporteur of PL 442/91, Deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE)

Several parliamentarians in favor of legalizing gambling were reelected this Sunday (3), with emphasis on the president of the Parliamentary Front for the Approval of the Regulatory Framework for Games, Deputy Bacelar (PV-BA) and the rapporteur of PL 442/91, deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE).

Besides them, Alex Manente (Citizenship-SP), Renata Abreu (PODEMOS-SP), Fausto Pinato (PP-SP), Diego Coronel (PSD-BA), Luis Tibé (Avante-MG), Newton Cardoso Jr ( MDB-MG), Pompeo De Mattos (PDT-RS), Arthur Lira (PP-AL), Marx Beltrão (PP-AL), Adolfo Viana (PSDB-BA), João Carlos Bacelar (PL-BA), Leur Lomanto Jr. (União Brasil), Eduardo Bismarck (PDT-CE), Danilo Forte (União Brasil-CE), Magda Mofatto (PL-GO), Juscelino Filho (União Brasil-MA), André Fufuca (PP-MA), Hugo Motta ( Republicans-PB), Aguinaldo Ribeiro (PP-PB), Celso Sabino (União Brasil-PA), Vermelho (PL-PR), Renildo Calheiros (PCdoB-PE), Carmen Zanotto (CITIZENSHIP-SC), among others.

Classic opponents were also elected, such as Marco Feliciano (PL-SP), Otoni De Paula (MDB-RJ), Sóstenes Cavalcante (PL-RJ), Gilberto Nascimento (PSC-SP), Lincoln Portela (PL-MG), between others.

A curious detail is that three strong opponents of the legalization of gambling were not reelected Roberto de Lucena (Republicans-SP), Eli Corrêa Filho (União Brasil-SP) and José Serra (PSDB-SP), who had only 88,926.

Lottery Defenders
Among the defenders of the lottery network in the Chamber of Deputies, deputy Darci de Matos (PSD-SC), who is the rapporteur of Pec dos Lotéricos, was not reelected. In addition to him, Deputy Goulart, who always defended the class, was also not elected. The positive news is the election of deputy Eunicio de Oliveira (MDB-CE), defended by the Ceará Lottery Union.


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