The Brazilian market and the importance of regulatory tools

English Edition I 07.12.23

Por: Magno José

O mercado brasileiro e a importância das ferramentas de regulação
By André Neves*

The Brazilian iGaming market has become the focus of important studies linked to the sector, which contribute to a better understanding of the subject and its ramifications, such as market value, customer segmentation, geographic location, the payment methods used, and many other indicators of extreme importance for the online gaming industry.

For the industry to function within a healthy ecosystem, it is necessary for legislators to guarantee legal security that makes it possible to develop a serie of guidelines in compliance with legislation, monitoring and controlling online gambling. In the case of Brazil, significant advances are being made, both at the state and federal levels, however, the country can go much further.

It is worth remembering that Brazilian regulatory entities have an important role in capturing and sharing information with authorities from other countries and industry representatives in order to be equipped with information for when the market is regulated and fully operational. It is also important to highlight that supervisory bodies have a leading role in controlling regulated operations, as they are the ones who will provide a safe gaming environment in which the end user has an offer of entertainment products, combined with moderation and responsibility.

Good practices exist all over the world, both in legislative components and in practical applications for entry and control of new operators in the market, but there is no model solution. Each entity and jurisdiction has its own culture and identity that are reflected in the application of the tax model, the offer of products to the end consumer, the authorized payment methods to avoid money laundering and so on.

One thing is certain: the time for the Brazilian market is now!

Therefore, it is important to unify management control information, just as happens in finance. Today, we have several solutions to be applied according to the particularities of each company. In the case of reporting gaming activity, a good suggestion would be to standardize information reporting systems, better known as “Vault” in the gaming industry. This enables platform and game certification and accreditation laboratories and providers to engage in a process of permanent and continuous improvement.

Written like this, it appears to be advertising content, but it is not. One of the characteristics of the gaming industry is constant change so that there are no static and immutable laws and regulations, as the search for continuous improvement is a reality that must be practiced.

Therefore, the Governments, through their regulatory entities and operators must be prepared for this reality: The better the work foundations, the more quality can be guaranteed for all players in this wonderful world of entertainment.

This is clearly an opinion piece that will be obsolete before long! And I say this in a positive way. It is natural that, with all the technological evolution we are experiencing, new platforms, new games and business models arrive on the market.

Today I end this text with the joy of being able to contribute to this industry and to see the Brazilian market take shape, grow and create companies and professionals with new skills, which will certainly be very successful and will bring prosperity in the short, medium and long term. deadlines.

(*) André Neves is portuguese born and raised in Lisbon with a degree in Law and Engineering with a postgraduate degree in Information Systems, André Neves worked for years in the banking sector until embracing the iGaming world, 10 years ago, when he played a central role in the entry of Bet. pt on the regulated market in Portugal. Since the beginning of 2022, he has been the COO of Salsa Technology where he has been leading projects such as the creation of the Salsa Safe safe, the Salsa Agents agent system, and the Salsa App application, in addition to the preparation of products such as the PAM Salsa Omni and the Salsa Gator aggregator for regulated markets.


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